Artificial Grass for Sports

Imperial Grass Sports Turf System is entitled of ideal playing qualities of a natural grass surface with extensive durability of artificial grass. Further, it overwhelms natural grass in durability, and playing performance.

Natural Appearance

Imperial Grass artificial grass for sports reveals the features and characteristics of natural grass in both feeling and appearance. In a certain sense, it is better than natural grass because of its strong color fastness and high UV stability, which allows the surface to keep green under any weather condition for years to come. A wide range of colors and grass profiles are available to meet different demands and favors all across the world.

Creative Technology

Imperial Grass encourages and promotes innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf. Extruded with advanced polymer technology, the fibers are engineered to contribute to a soft and flexible surface which is skin friendly and prevents injuries like twisted ankles and knees. The whole turf system also keeps upgrading in order to give perfect sliding properties, superior recovery performance and long-lasting use. Advanced production equipment with strict control of technological process ensures the uniform and extraordinary quality.

Reinforced Playability

Imperial Grass sports turf surface keeps improving the performance of ball rolls and bounces so as to make it easier for sliding, kicking and sprinting. Its outstanding playing features are demonstrated by authoritative laboratories. It gives real foot-feelings and fantastic athletic experiences and can be applied to