Installing Imperial Grass®

Follow our easy to follow guide below on how to install and join Imperial grass products.

1) Prepare the Surface

On larger areas it maybe necessary to have one, or a number of joins to complete the area. The joining process is simple; the most important thing to remember here is that the pile direction of the two pieces of artificial grass are facing the same way. The next step is to cut the two faces ready for the join.

2a) Cut between the third & fourth stitch lines
(Option A)

If you are working in the same direction as the stitching lines: this is easy. Fold the face over. Count three stitches in along the back of the grass; then cut neatly along between the third and fourth stitch lines. This process needs to be done to both pieces being joined.

2b) Cut across the stitch lines
(Option B)

If you are working across the stitch lines: again, working from the rear of the grass, slowly cut across the stitch lines in-between the position where two tufts enter the backing, taking your time to ensure a good, clean, straight cut. This process needs to be completed on both pieces being joined.

3) Line up the two pieces

Now offer the two pieces of grass up to each other, leaving a 2-3mm gap between the two pieces (it may be necessary to trim some areas here in order to ensure a neat fit). Once again take your time here to ensure the two pieces line up. The join should be invisible once lined up correctly.

4) Fold back and tape

Once positioned, fold the two faces back and roll out the tape in-between, ensuring an equal amount of tape under each of the pieces of artificial grass.

5) Apply glue

Glue can now be spread along the jointing tape in a zig-zag fashion. Carefully lower each side of the grass onto the tape, ensuring no glue gets onto the grass.

6) Finish

Finally, walk along the joint compressing the glue and joint together.