Who we are?

In the artificial turf industry, Imperial Grass® is making an intensive development during last 11 years. We are also professional in research and production of suspending modular sports flooring. By following the market-oriented, Imperial Grass® continuously integrate scientific research with production and sales platform, abide by the principle of good faith to promote co-operation in the worldwide, which making the maximize application of artificial turf to the Football pitch, Tennis court, Gate ball court, Hockey field and Golf area. Imperial Grass® wins a good reputation with sincerely trust in this area and the customers by our High-quality and head to toe service concept. During the diligently operating developing and prospering these years, we are proud of the classic projects we have worked out, such as Helmond Sport, TEZ Enschede, HBS Craeyenhout, Hotel Leusden, NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. Imperial Grass®’s growth is always based on the internationalization ideas. All of our production facilities are imported from UK & USA, all the turfs (contain 6-35mm and 30-75mm) are completed at our first-class standard factory. “The Imperial Grass® , Green up your life ”, with this purpose, we have newly launched 3 brands in 2009. We believe it must give a new bright and pleasant prospect to the market, it will establish a leading image in the industry, and create a new model for the future. Imperial Grass® takes industrial development, meanwhile, we also diversified into investment. With the branches covered in Netherlands, 2 football Clubs, 50 million investment for a 40,000 square meters factory re-building, set up wholly-owned international trading platform in Hong Kong, which will offer a vast space for developing. Keen on the humanistic enterprise, Imperial Grass® as always to grasp the present, planning for tomorrow, efforts to fight a better future!

How did it came about?

Artificial grass has received considerable attention in recent years. This is due in part to the use of artificial turf on football fields. The type of artificial grass designed for sports and for residential gardens are sometimes mistakenly confused. These two products differ considerably. Imperial Grass® Landscape is specifically designed for gardens and roof terraces and Imperial Grass® Sports Series is also another specifically designed product for sports. E.g. Football field, tennis court field and etc. That is why we recommend obtaining good advice on and familiarising yourself with the different types of artificial grass available, so that you can be sure to choose the type that best meets your specific needs and circumstances. Our website contains detailed information on the various types of Imperial Grass® that we recommend for garden roof terraces and sports usage. For personal product advice, please do not hesitate to contact your local distributors, who will be happy to answer your questions.